15 Halloween Craft activities to help your child develop fine motor skills

Halloween is coming up this weekend, so why not get into the spirit of it by completing some craft activities with your child based on this theme.

Craft activities help children develop so many different skills, in particular their fine motor skills. Each of the 15 craft activities listed below will help your child develop their fine motor skills in an enjoyable way.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are small movements that are achieved by using the smaller muscles in the hands. Some of these skills include cutting, doing up buttons and handwriting. Highly developed fine motor skills will influence the speed and accuracy of the task performance.

15 Halloween Craft activities

1. Spider head band








2. Scary Jars








3. Witch’s hair

witch's hair







4. Paper Plate Pumpkin








5. Cotton Bud Skeleton







6. Spiders Web

spiders web







7. Hand print Witch








8. Apple Pumpkin Stamping








9. Paper plate Black cat








10. Witch’s Hat food








11. Scary Tree








12. Pumpkin Lantern

pumpkin lantern







13. Mason Mummy jars with tea lights








14. Glow stick eyes








15. Paper mache bowls







Why not try one of these with your child. Happy Halloween Everyone.

Until Next time …

Kelly Pisani

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