3 Great Easter Crafts To Do In The Classroom or Home

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Easter is approaching quickly, so we are launching our first blog of our Easter series with this blog “3 Great Easter Crafts To Do In The Classroom Or Home”. This series will be packed full of craft ideas and Easter food ideas that you will be able to share with your child at home or all of your class at school. All the ideas in the series are inexpensive, creative and focus on fine motor skills.

In this first blog I share 3 Great Easter crafts that would be an engaging task for any child. They all use equipment that most people have in their homes or classrooms already so there is no need to wait. Each activity would also be a great present for a parent, grandparent, friend or relative.

Easter Egg Salt decorations

IMG_3063These colourful Easter egg decorations are a great activity for children of all ages. Using a basic dough recipe, you create egg shapes to be cooked in the oven. Once done, let the children use their creative juices to create some masterpieces. These dough Easter eggs should not be consumed and can only be used for decorative purposes.


What you need

1 cup of plain flour, Half a cup of water, Half a cup of salt, bowl, paint, straw, string/ribbon

Step 1

Mix the three ingredients together to create a dough. Roll out dough to about 2 cm in thickness.


Step 2

Using an egg ring (or circle cookie cutter) to cut circles out of the dough. Shape the dough into an egg shape.


Step 3

Using a straw cut a small hole on the top of each egg shape. Place on tray and cook on a low heat for 1-2hrs (120 degrees C or 250F)


Step 4

When cooled, paint eggs with different patterns. When the paint is dry, threat ribbon or string through hole to hang up.


Paper Plate Easter Egg Basket

IMG_3060These cute paper plate Easter Baskets are a great activity for children of all ages. For younger children, an adult’s help will be needed to tape the basket together. You could fill the basket with Easter eggs, pretend chicks or just leave it empty with shredded paper.

What you need

2 paper plates, sticky tape, shredded paper/cotton wool/tissues, ribbon, craft glue

Step 1

Prepare the paper plate. Cut on the 4 lines indicated and fold on the dotted lines.


Step 2

Stick both of the sides up with sticky tape. Cut the handle out of the middle of the other paper plate.



Step 3

Fasten the handle to the basket with tape. Use craft glue to attach the ribbon over the handle and around the basket. Fill with anything that you want.




Carrot Footprint

Use this simple orange footprint or the child to create a carrot artwork. This could be used for an Easter card, canvas print or for inside a photo frame. A great idea for the younger children.


I hope you have become inspired to try one of these at home or in your classroom. They are all easy, inexpensive and creative and will be an engaging task for any child. Next week I will continue this Easter series with another blog focusing on creative Easter ideas.

Part 2 of the Easter craft series can be found by clicking on the link below:

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Until next time …

Kelly Pisani

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