How to teach your child about Remembrance Day – 11 simple activities

The 11th November is an important date for all Australians. It is the day that we remember all the Australians who have died as a result of war. Even though it is not a public holiday, it is still observed annually by all Australians.

A minute silence is usually observed at 11am on this day. This is significant as World War 1 (also known as the Great War) ended after the signing of the armistice, which happened on the 11th hour of the 11th day, of the 11th Month in 1918.

The symbol of the poppy is a well-known one associated with Remembrance day. Poppies were one of the first flowers that grew on the battlefields of France and Belgium after the war ended.

Below is a list of 11 activities that you can share with your child or class to help them gain a deeper understanding of Remembrance Day.

  1. Make a Poppy Pinwheel

Poppy pinwheel







2. Make a Poppy Wreath

Poppy wreath







  1. Poppy Lantern







  1. Folding Fan Poppy







  1. Soldier thank you card








  1. Field of poppies drawing or painting

field of poppies





  1. Soldier collage








  1. Book: The Poppy Lady

the poppy lady







  1. Book: Simpson and his Donkey

simpson and his donkey







  1. Book: A Poppy is to remember

a poppy is to remember







  1. Book: The Red Poppy

The red poppy







Hopefully some of these ideas have given you some inspiration for commemorating Remembrance Day with your child or class.

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