Edible Christmas for Kids - 12 Days of Christmas Part 2

We had so much success with Part 1 of this series we are sure everyone will love this one just as much.

This blog focus on 7 delicious EDIBLE Christmas activities to complete with your child. Happy eating!!

Snowman cupcakes

What you need: cake mixture, cupcake patties, marshmallows, icing mixture, orange lollies, green lollies and chocolate icing pen


Christmas Pretzel Sticks

What you need: pretzel sticks, melted while chocolate, variety of sprinkles (preferably green and red)


Chocolate Marshmallow reindeers

What you need: Marshmallows, lolly sticks, pretzels, red smarties, small white lollies, ribbon


Strawberry Santas

What you need: strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate and white icing pen


Christmas Pancakes

What you need: Pancake mixture, christmas cookie cutters


Teddy Sleighs

What you need: candy canes, tiny teddies, small milky ways or mars bars, melted chocolate for glueing pieces together


Grinch snacks

What you need: green grapes, toothpicks, banana, mini marshmallows, strawberries


Hope you can enjoy creating some wonderful edible treats with your child.

Until next time

Kelly Pisani

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