The Person Behind The Blogs

My name is Kelly Pisani and I am an experienced educator who is passionate about creating the best learning environment for children. I have a Bachelor of Education degree in Primary education and currently studying my Masters in Educational Leadership.

I am a wife and mother of two beautiful children. My daughter, Olivia is four and a half years old and my son James, is two and half years old.


I started this blog to share the knowledge that I have gained through my work as a teacher and as a mother. I strongly believe that the best teachers that children have are their parents. Hopefully this blog gives you real life, practical ideas that will benefit your child.

I love hearing your feedback and questions so please take the time to comment on my blogs. I encourage you to share my blogs with all your family and friends that would be interested in learning more about creating the best environment for children to learn.

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8 thoughts on “The Person Behind The Blogs”

    1. It is great that you have found our website. We also have a Facebook page that updates all our followers of when a new blog has been published.

  1. This is a great blog. I have a child in Prep and one in pre-kinder and I have reached lots of little ‘teaching’hurdles like the ones you have outlined. I have also started studying to become a TA so your tips will come in handy in the class room too. I feel much more confident about what I am doing now. Thank you

  2. Love your advice and perspective as both a teacher and a mum. It adds validity and understanding to the points that you make! I’m very happy to share your blog on fb even though I’m long past those years now :). Although as now a parent of uni and high school students some of your points still apply and having practiced them when they were young, it leaves my boys in good stead to now keep good habits going!

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