How to Date a Single Woman With a Child

Many men find dating a single mom scary. And most of the time, it’s not about the child, it’s the responsibility that comes with them. Mothers with children are determined and don’t want to spend their life on empty promises with wishy-washy partners. They don’t like “situationships” and cowardly dates who flee as soon as they hear the word “divorced.” On a positive note, single women with children are mentally strong, sexy, and attractive. Here is a guide on how to date divorced women with children and what things you should avoid at all costs.

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How to date a single mom with a child

1. Approach her slowly

Sometimes single moms have trust issues. They don’t like hopping into relationships without a reason. Why? Even if they are not against quick dates, introducing new male friends to their child might be traumatic. So you should think twice before approaching a single mom. Are your intentions serious enough?

2. Ask about her kid

Kids are every single mom’s precious soul. They amuse moms and make their life have an additional purpose. Since children mean the world to single moms, you should consider asking more questions about her closest friend. What is his or her name, how old is the kid, what are their hobbies? Once you get to know them better, you can compose all this information into one image (telepathically.) And if you plan to date some more, it can be good ground for picking presents/activities together.

3. Interact with her kid

Even if you haven’t seen each other yet, ask your date to give gifts from you. These can be sweets, toys, clothes, and other little things here and there. Not only will you be a good person for helping a single mother out, but you will also appear an attentive gentleman who sees this woman more than your sexual interest.

4. Meet the child in real life

Once you get to know each other better, you can invite a family for a joint activity, be it a walk in the park or a picnic. If a mom doesn’t mind, you have won a jackpot.

5. Don’t be intrusive

If your date doesn’t want to move that fast, understand her. Not that she doesn’t trust you yet. It’s normal to keep the most precious human being from everyone’s eyes, especially if you haven’t been dating for too long. Don’t show up at houses uninvited and expect a greeting.

6. Don’t school her child

Many men might feel like the child needs a father figure whose lead they can follow. It’s undeniably true, but only to a certain extent. Some children indeed need a stepdad, but your role is limited to a friend who can only help out and lead. Since you aren’t either a biological father or a primary caregiver, schooling her kid or, God forbid, scolding them, will lead to elimination fast.

7. Don’t push the child

A kid doesn’t need to call you a father or stepdad. They can call you by your first name, nickname, or whatever they are inclined to. Kids don’t need to define their role the same way as you do. They might simply feel uncomfortable confessing about having “a new dad” each time you pick them up at school.

8. Don’t push the mom

Your date can keep it playful and stay just friends/sex partners. If she doesn’t introduce you to the family yet, no need to worry. It’s a transitional period everyone should go through. Insisting on meeting the whole family would only make things worse.

9. It’s not always about kids

Single moms want to stay desirable at all times. You don’t need to fall into this dynamic. Express interest, but don’t be too fastidious. You’ll have your time.

10. Don’t worry if the child doesn’t understand you yet

Easy as that: preschoolers and teenagers are scared of new people around the house. If they protest, it’s not a perpetual hatred. Give the kid some time to like you, and it will be alright.