10 Great Mother’s Day Ideas for Kids

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and what better way to show your appreciation for your mum than a handmade gift especially for her. In this blog we have put together 11 great, simple and inexpensive ideas that will inspire your child or the children in your class to make a beautiful gift for the special lady in their life. These ideas can also be adapted for grandmothers and aunties as well.

  1. Handprint Bouquet 
handprint bouquet

What you need: Different coloured paint, paper, ribbon,  glue

Method: Children dip their hand into the paint and make four handprints on the paper. When it is dry, paint a heart in the middle of each and paint a stem from each to the bottom of the page. Attach a bow to the stems to make it look like a bunch of flowers.

This would also work well for a large Mother’s day card or on a canvas to make an original artwork.

2. Handprint Poem


What you need: a computer, paint, white paper and a piece of coloured paper.

Method: Choose a Mother’s day poem or type an original poem on white paper. Trim 1-2 centimetres on each side of the white paper. Children dip their hands in paint and make a few handprints on the white paper. When dry, stick the white paper on a coloured piece of paper.

3. Photo Collage

collage of photos

What you need: camera, printer, chalk, computer

Method: Children can draw a variety of backgrounds on the ground with chalk. The child then lays on the ground and you take a picture of them. You can arrange the photos together as a collage and put them in a frame. You might even write some text on it saying “Happy Mother’s Day 2016”

4. Tissue paper flowers

tissue paperflowers

What you need: coloured tissue paper, pipe cleaners, scissors

Method:  Cut tissue paper into squares according to the size of flower you want. ( I do 15cmx15cm) Put 12 squares together (one coloured or multi) and do a fan fold. Tie a pipe cleaner around the middle ensuring there is a long stem. Round the edges of the tissue paper while folded with scissors. Open up one layer at a time and fluff up the tissue paper.

5. Mother’s Day Card 1


What you need: Card stock, Markers, colour paper, string or ribbon, glue

Method: Do a tri fold with the card stock. On the front page write the word “MUM” and stick coloured pieces of paper that have been ripped off the larger paper. On the second fold, stick a coloured piece of paper and write “I LOVE YOU” on it. Draw a heart on the third fold and fill it with ripped coloured pieces of paper. Underneath the heart write “TO PIECES”. When finished, close the card and tie ribbon or string around it.

6. Mother’s Day Card 2


What you need: cardstock, coloured pieces of cardboard, scissors and markers

Method: Fold the cardstock in half. Cut a variety of circles of varying sizes from different coloured cardboard. Cut strips of cardboard for the stems. Cut a square or rectangle and stick on the front ensuring you leave the top side open. Assemble 3 flowers using 4 coloured circles. Glue the stem on each flower and glue stem in vase. Write a Mother’s Day message on the inside.

7. Candle art

candle decoration

What you need: White tissue paper, coloured markers, hairdryer, baking paper, candle

Method : Children draw pictures and/or write words on the tissue paper that has been cut a little smaller than the candle. (be careful as tissue paper is delicate) Hold the tissue paper on the candle and wrap a larger piece of baking paper around it. An adult needs to hold the hairdryer on each part of the candle until the tissue paper melts into the wax of the candle. This will take a couple of minutes. When complete take off the baking paper and the image is now on the candle.

8. Footprint art


What you need: Canvas, paint, marker

Method: Children put their feet in paint and make two sets of footprints on the canvas. Use green paint to make a stem for each and put some leaves and grass on the artwork. Using a marker, write a Mother’s Day message. Wait for it to dry before wrapping it up.

9. Pot plant art


What you need: Terracotta pot, acrylic paint, baking paper and newspaper

Method: Put newspaper on the table and put baking paper on top. Turn a terracotta pot upside down and place in the middle of the baking paper. Squeeze the paint down the sides of the pot. Do not remove until it is completely dry. The baking paper will easily come off with the extra dried paint on it. Add a plant and you have a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day.

10. Child blowing kisses


What you need : Canvas, Photo of child, paint, coloured paper

Method: Take a picture of the child in a kiss blowing position. Print photo and cut out around child. Paint the background of the canvas and wait until it is dry. Stick photo in corner of canvas. Cut out little hearts using a variety of paper. Stick hearts on the canvas from the mouth of the child going upwards.

Hopefully some of these ideas have set your creative juices going. On behalf of Creating A Learning Environment, I would like to wish all mothers a wonderful day on Sunday full of special memories and lots of kisses.

Until next time …

Kelly Pisani